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And hope to play
What is it?
It's the smart new way to play Bingo. It uses a Gala pen and Touchpad. The games are the same, but instead of marking off numbers on paper tickets, you use the digital pen to tap them off on the screen. Simple!
What's so exciting about it? You've more chances to win because you can play more tickets at the same time. How do I play?
  1. Request your Touchpad at Book Sales.
  2. Decide which package you want to buy. They all offer great value.
  3. Use your Gala pen to tap off your numbers as they're called.
  4. Your Touchpad will reset after each game, ready for the next one.
It's as easy as that.
How will I know if I'm winning?
The small screen on your device obviously can't show how all your tickets are doing at the same time, so it'll just display your best tickets. You'll be alerted when you're one number away and when you have a win. But it's for you to do the shouting.
Can someone show me how it works?
Of course they can. Just ask a member of staff. It is really easy to play but you can ask for help any time you want..
Thank you from Gala Bingo
You'll love the buzz x Gala Bingo
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Enjoy the game but play responsibly -
You need to be 18 or over to join Gala Bingo and come into the bar. Valid ID is required, either passport or driving licence. Think 21 - are you really over 21? If you don' t look it, by law we have to ask for proof of your age. Don't be annoyed - take it as a compliment!